Medical Technology

The Requirements

Medical technology makes extreme demands on precision and hygiene together with a high degree of operational safety. Any risk of cross-connecting supply lines during quick connection for medical gases and liquids must be entirely eliminated. Manufacturers of products for medical technology therefore have to meet special quality requirements laid out in DIN EN 13485. Moreover, users of medical gases are increasingly requiring complete subassemblies to be supplied fully tested, for example, hoses with couplings which they only have to connect up along the lines of “plug and play”.

Our Solutions

An extensive range of plug-in and screw-in couplings are available for this critical application. These connectors have been specially developed for medical applications. Possible uses include medical gas supply, diagnostics, dialysis, computed tomography, sterile systems and breathing gas supply. Non-interchangeable designs provide operational safety by ruling out the risk of coupling media lines to the wrong connections. Our production and assembly lines fulfil the requirements of DIN EN 13485. The final assembly takes place in a separated area specially designed for the demands and requirements of the medical industry.

Application Examples


Screw type and plug type couplings for medical gas supply


Quick couplings specially designed for applications in the field of computed tomography (CT)


Quick couplings for dialysis are durable, specially designed and engineered for the respective media


Quick connect couplings for breathing air supply are equipped with a safety mechanism that avoids an unintended unlocking.

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