Automotive Industry

The Requirements

Flexibility is a crucial factor in modern automotive production. Today, the same production line produces different vehicle ranges. Robots are equipped with tool change systems allowing them to handle various parts while performing several different manufacturing steps. Minimising retooling times is an essential success factor. This applies equally to press lines and automated test facilities, for example engine assembly lines. Applications such as these make the toughest demands on coupling and docking systems.

Our Solutions


Major automotive manufacturers and suppliers at home and abroad use our multi-couplings, docking systems and fast-acting ultra slim robot tool changers for car body production, transfer lines, production lines and test systems. For example, engines mounted on pallets automatically dock into a test station to undergo cold or hot testing. Our docking systems supply the engine with fuel, oil, coolant, electrical power and data. Our line of pneumatic couplings for compressed air lines and hand tools provide for operator safety and ergonomics while achieving high efficiency for cost savings. We have also developed tailor-made coupling systems for critical applications, such as paint lines, allowing production and assembly to take place without any contamination which would impair paint consistency.

Application Examples


ulti-couplings in press lines


Quick couplings, Multi-couplings, docking systems and tool changers primarily in car body shops for gripping, welding, gluing, screwing operations.


Docking systems in test rigs

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