Docking Systems with connection system

If motion sequences at customer's site cannot be used to connect the multi-coupling as well, they must be equipped with its own actuation. Pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders are used for this purpose.




If there is no feed to connect the multi-coupling, a mechanical aid such as a cylinder has to be integrated into the coupling system. This can be done in form of a push-in technology or pull-in technology. Due to different coupling elements, increased separation forces may occur, so that additional mechanical lockings should be considered, which hold the plates together even under full pressure load.

We provide proximity sensors for check the individual connection processes in order to enable integration of such a docking system into the control process of the client’s facility.

Ready made:
It can be equipped with different coupling elements. Coupling elements of various nominal bores, self-sealing or clean-break technology, various pressure ranges and in media-appropriate materials. Versions can be combined with electric, measuring and power connectors.

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