Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

The Requirements

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry has extremely demanding standards for handling substances.

In certain applications, solutions for disconnecting and connecting piping systems have to be absolutely dripfree, or the possibility of air inclusion has to be ruled out completely at coupling points. Frequently there are mandatory demands to eliminate any risk of cross-connecting wrong media lines. Other applications entail coupling under extreme media temperatures. Sterile media in turn demand other specific solutions. Chemical loading stations have to be equipped with emergency disconnection systems to prevent environmental disasters should vehicles docked onto the chemicals circuit inadvertently move away from the loading point.

Our Solutions


We offer proven solutions for all these safety-relevant applications. Our clean-break couplings fulfill demands for drip-free connection and disconnection superior to any other solutions. Robot-controlled quick coupling systems automate distribution and loading stations. Loading arms with integrated, non-destructive, emergency disconnection systems automatically block off and disconnect the media supply before the supply line breaks off. As far as aggressive media are concerned, we offer products made with coupling and seal materials that offer the greatest possible corrosion resistances. Coded couplings prevent any confusion of the supply lines. Couplings fitted with integrated proximity switches supply information about the coupling connection to automation controllers or monitoring systems.

Application Examples


Mono-couplings for laboratory applications and sampling flow lines and processing tanks


Clean-break coupling for loading

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