TOOLmaster Parking Stations

Different tool parking stations are available for the tool sides to allow quick and safe parking of tools in robot workstations.
The tool parking station is designed to the same modular principle as the tool changer and can be combined with various individual components.


Features TOOLmaster Parking Station



   •  Steel tube frame with a fixing plate, approx.

       height 1,200 mm
   •  Single or double parking stations available
   •  Tool receptacle has a floating support of ± 0.5

   •  The flexible hinged cover adapts itself to the

      parked tool for dirt protection.
   •  The positions of the hinged cover and of the

      tool in the parking station are indicated by

       proximity switches.
   •  WASI safety switch can be integrated with one or

      two channels (subway 1 & 2).

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