TOOLmaster 500 Type 91489

The modular designed tool changing systems may be equipped with various connector elements for a wide range of fluid and gases. As well as a large number of signal connectors, measuring lines and welding connectors for control profibus, profinet and ethernet can be supplied with fiber optic as a further available option.


Features TOOLmaster 500



   •  Static load capacity of up to 25,000 N
  •  Overall height of max. 96 mm (when connected)
  •  Emergency release still possible after pressure

  •  Weight of 16 kg (standard equipment)
  •  Position-repeatability of ± 0.03 mm
  •  Change cycle of less than 2.5 s
  •  Expected service life of approx. 1,5 million cycles
  •  Zero backlash and self-locking latch even in

     case of complete pressure loss
  •  Compatible with all common robot flanges

Special features:
The compact design and the low weight of the TOOLmaster series shift the centre of gravity of the tool by only 96 mm so that the robot can be operated with very high accelerations. Owing to its low weight the tool changer helps increase the service life of the robots and it can be used even in restricted working spaces thanks to its slim contour.

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